About Us 学校简介


为服务湾区华人子弟及无华语背景的学生,京华中文学校成立于2005年9月以因应本地家长和学生们对汉语的高度需求。学校于学年期间每星期六上午假地点适中的Fremont 市Mission San Jose高中的教室教授汉语拼音简体字,并提供才艺班。Fremont Unified School District 和 Pleasanton 学区均认可本校高中学分班中文一级到 AP, 成绩纳入公立学校的GPA。高中生可到本校上课,拿正式的高中外语学分。2018 年开始,7,8 年级的成绩亦将纳入公立初中的GPA。本校仍继续提供小学部中文班及才艺班。本校小学部采用《美洲华语简体版》初高中部采用 《Integrated Chinese 听说读写》均是以提升学生的中文素质,保持并加强学生的中文语用能力及发扬中华传统文化为目标。


To serve the students of Chinese heritage in the Bay Area as well as non-Chinese background students, Infinity Chinese School was established in Sept. 2005 to meet the increasing needs of Mandarin Chinese education. Our school is conveniently located in the Mission San Jose High School, Fremont. Every Saturday morning during regular school year, we offer simplified Mandarin Chinese classes and elective classes. Our Chinese level 1 to AP classes are approved by the Fremont Unified School District and the Pleasanton School District to offer official high school foreign language credits and the grades will be included in their GPA. Starting from Sept 2018, our junior high school students will also receive official foreign language credit as well. Their grades will be included in the official GPA. We also continue to offer Chinese language classes and elective classes to the elementary students. In order to help our students use the Mandarin Chinese efficiently, we choose "Mei Zhou Hua Yu" for the  for the elementary students and  "Integrated Chinese" for the junior high and the high school students.  Our school’s missions are to achieve students’ Chinese language proficiency, maintain and reinforce their practical use of the Chinese language, and promote Chinese traditional culture.